Testing a “Poorman’s Car Mount”

Hello Readers!

I’m back from a couple weeks off and this week’s article is about a camera test I conducted a few weeks ago. Here’s what I did.
To start, being a St. Mary’s College alumnus I’ve always wanted to shoot footage of the beautiful cherry trees when the blossom in the spring as they are just memorizing. Being that spring came early yet again (thanks global warming, that’s sarcasm by the way) I set out to capture it and I wanted to also test out what I call the “poorman’s car mount.” I also know I’ll need plenty of beauty and b-roll shots for the Dr. D feature film that I figured I might as well start now.


The mount works like this I took a high-hat and mounted a 75mm ball tripod head to it. I then attached a Sony A7s to the head. To secure the the high-hat to the top of my car I used two movers grade ratchet straps. One would have been enough the second one was a fail safe to ensure nothing flew off the top of my car and struck a pedestrian or car. To keep the pancake attached to the bottom of my high-hat from scratching my car’s roof I placed a mover’s blanket on the roof and strung the ratchet straps through the high-hat and around the roof of the car and through the back passenger door windows.


As you can see from the video I’ve posted with this article the rig holds up okay. There’s definitely some camera shake on parts of the shot, but there’s quite a lot of useable footage in there. I edit the video shot show long takes and not hide the imperfections of the rig, but a relatively low cost I was able to pull off some decent ootage.


At the end of the video my pal and videographer extraordinaire Bryan Navarro provided me with some footage of the very same SMC cherry blossoms shot the same morning I did my late afternoon/early evening shoot. He shot on a Canon 60D at various focal lengths and I color corrected his purposely flat originals. The photos for this blog post were also courtesy of Bryan.

Well enjoy the video below and post any questions you may have. Go Gaels!





  2 comments for “Testing a “Poorman’s Car Mount”

  1. Javier Gonzalez
    March 16, 2016 at 05:10

    Awesome footage…I wish I knew more about cameras to fully appreciate your shots. Your footage mentally took me back to my St. Mary’s days and tons of memories! I would say that based off of the shots alone, your poor man’s set up was a success for me. Thanks Gus!

    • gguardado
      March 16, 2016 at 20:05

      Thanks Javi!

      Yeah every time I step on that campus I get flooded with memories, but the cherry blossoms are just magical. Thanks for reading the post bro.

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