Launch of Tributes to Passion: The Dr. D Success Stories

Hello readers,

Yeah I know, I know. Where the hell have you been? You said you’d be updating this blog often. I do apologize for not updating more often but to make up for it, this is set to be the first of a new documentary web-series I’m launching entitled “Tributes to Passion: The Dr.D Success Stories.”

I plan to update this blog and release new episodes of this documentary web series often. I won’t say how often, as I don’t know how quickly I’ll be able to to edit them. But the good news is I’ve got three more interviews already in the “can” so expect the next one soon.

So what are these episodes and why am I doing them? This mini documentary series is meant to show the varying and amazing stories of success Dr. Denis can be credited for. I want to show the reach an amazing teacher can have on not just a community but a culture.

Also, this series is meant to raise awareness of my feature film project Disciples of Dr. D. What I hope this series will do is spark the passion amongst my fellow High Potential alumni to help me make this feature film a reality. I can’t do Dr. Dennis the justice he deserves without the help of my fellow brothers and sisters of High Potential, so I’m encouraging them to please share this blog, Facebook page, and video series so we can build an audience and eventually launch a crowd funding campaign which will be the linchpin as to whether this project gets made into a reality.

So thank you for reading and please show your support by “sharing” this video series and reaching out to as many HP, SMC, and Dr. D peeps as possible so that you can help me immortalize a truly deserving teacher and role model who was taken from us far too early.

As Dr. D would say: “Kékénéwé!”.


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